New number 1 fan x

So I have just received my 2nd box in March and there was not one thing in it that I didn't want or like, in fact, I LOVE it all!!! It is my gift to myself every month and I'm already wishing the month away lol!!! My plan was anything I didn't use or like I'd keep for gifts but can't see that happening! I am your new number 1 fan, I'm telling everyone about it....and even sent a friend a box as a birthday treat. And think I will send many more in future.

Always exceeds expectations

I've been a subscriber for around 8 months, and honestly it just gets better each month. The care and thought that goes into putting the box together really makes it feel like it's personal to you. A bonus for me is my terrible memory, which means I forget it's the first until the box drops on my door step! Well worth the money, as the boxes value is always far greater than what I paid, or at least that is how it seems.

Amazing service

Love the boxes, keep em coming!


<3 <3 <3

I have been having Treatbox for a while now and every month it is full of useful items. I love the themes and quotes :D It's definitely my favourite monthly subscription box by far I doubt I'll ever cancel it. It's nice at the beginning of each month getting a surprise it's like having a birthday every month. Me and my daughter share it, she's 13 so it's stuff she uses to. You wouldn't be disappointed :D Thankyou Zoe xxxx


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