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'Partnering with TreatBox provides a unique marketing platform that enhances outreach and exposure.'

TreatBox has fast become one of the most popular lifestyle boxes in the UK.

 We have a database of subscribers, who pay a monthly fee to receive a TreatBox of items. These items are wrapped beautifully to make them feel special. To give a monthly pick me up, beating all the normal post.
Each TreatBox is a mixture of amazing products from beauty, stationery to home products, not to mention the tasty treats!

Brands featured in TreatBox benefit from exposure on our website, blog posts, newsletter mentions and marketing activity across our social media. We have a following of over 170,000 combined this all depends on the level of the partnership.

Supporting small businesses and start-ups is something we’re truly passionate about!

Featuring in TreatBox will give any company a high platform to reach new customers, giving them a chance to try your product out, enjoy and go back to you for more.


Gardeners cookies - As a small business, we love working with TreatBox. We especially love working with Zoe to create bespoke designs for the subscription box and create your own boxes, making designs that are exclusive to TreatBox.
Tea Pigs "We have had about £700 of revenue just from the codes during September, we are only just mid way through which so far is really good to see. Also loving all the Instagram snaps!" 
Oleecosmetics - "I first worked with Zoe in February 2020, I had followed Treatbox online and felt there was synergy with what we at Oleecosmetics were doing and TreatBox. I sent her an email introducing myself and our brand and suggesting some of the products we felt may work with subscription boxes they were doing.
A short while after Zoe contacted me to restock and placed another large order.
It was a pleasure working with TreatBox. Even though we at Oleecosmetics are at a different stage of our journey in comparison, it was evident that Zoe took the time to have a look at our product range and gave some nice feedback which was appreciated.
We at Oleecosmetics hope this is the start of a long and rewarding business relationship with TreatBox." - Laura 
UpCircle -“We were absolutely thrilled to partner with Treat Box. What stands out the most is the ethos of sending a parcel of happiness and love – how uplifting! The social media feedback that we received was fantastic, seeing all of the unboxing created a real buzz in our office. It’s fair to say that we now have a fair few new Optiat fans since featuring our products in the Treat Box.” 
Letterbox Love - “Treatbox gave us our big break and we are forever grateful. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer person to work with and naturally Zoe has also given us support and advice as we have grown too which is appreciated no end. To see our products with Treatbox means the world, Treatbox customers enjoy our products and we are so incredibly grateful to get repeat orders from Zoe and the team. We are able to work together for mini projects and new releases such as the famous Treatbox Christmas advent Callander to make sure we have something special for Treatbox’s lovely customers.
Thank you, Zoe and the team for an amazing relationship and inspiration."
Kind Cakery - "I would really recommend reaching out to Zoe and her team at TreatBox. On top of being friendly and fab, they are passionate about supporting small businesses.
Over the past 6 months I have been grateful for the boost it has given my own small business, as well as the opportunity it’s offered of showcasing my products to a wider audience."
Whysee's - "The team at TreatBox are unreal. I have been lucky enough to work with them and wow, the support and kindness that has been shown to me is truly amazing. Zoe knows what it’s like to start something from the ground up and she has a passion to bring others up with her. The communication is brilliant and the feedback is also great. I couldn’t recommend working with this company enough! Above and beyond springs to mind when I think of them. A team made up of lovely ladies and I am so fortunate to work with them!"
Kit & May Testimonial - "Zoe and her team have been a pleasure to work with, she is a real advocate of small businesses and goes out of her way to seek out and support us.  We developed a smaller travel size soap bar specifically for TreatBox in our Classic Lavender and Lemongrass & Poppyseed ranges, thankfully these have been really popular with the lovely TreatBox customers, and as a small business allows us to get our product in front of a much larger audience.
I can highly recommend TreatBox to any potential new suppliers, they have been incredibly patient with us waiting on long lead times (as it the nature of curing cold processed soap) and always settle invoices promptly which is a huge plus for small business."
Interested? Contact Elsa – – To find out more about how you can grow your brand with TreatBox