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How it all started....

In 2014, TreatBox was created from my kitchen table! Not long after becoming a Mum to baby number two!

I was looking for a gift to comfort my friend, I couldn't be there in person and I desperately wanted to show her how amazing she was, my standards were high and I wanted to send something that was personal, more memorable than flowers and the typical monotonous gift basket which is usually filled with products you'll never use!

It didn't exist. So I created my own and started sending them to my family and friends, the response was incredible and the joy that it brought them brought me joy! I knew it was what I wanted to do, to connect loved ones, brighten their day and it's still our core value today.

How it's going....

10 years on and I am proud to now be sending thousands of boxes across the UK with an increasing presence worldwide. We are growing a dedicated and lovely team with a huge passion for friendly and caring customer service.

We also offer a monthly subscription box which in a nutshell is a Treat each month just for YOU. After treating all those loved ones, I realised you need to take some time to look after number one too!

Our monthly box is designed to make you feel special and loved. The box varies each month but always remains a closely guarded secret! We always make sure each and every box receives those extra special touches and this is what makes us different from a lot of other subscription boxes out there.

Our Promise

Continue to deliver curated and personalised boxes filled with love and happiness to help create a better world one smile (box) at a time!

To be continued

Meet the team...