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Mental health affects all of us at some point - whether it's dealing with depression, anxiety, loneliness, or just having an all round tough time. And we all know having a strong support system can make a huge difference, but what if you don’t?

At TreatBox, we're passionate about helping people build those important connections and supporting mental wellbeing in our community, and across the UK. We’re all about little pick me ups, because we know on your worst days the smallest act of kindness can make all the difference! 

World Mental Health Day (10 October 2024) shines a light on the fact that access to mental health resources is really unequal, not just here in the UK, but globally. The need for support is greater than ever, but there's just not enough funding for the NHS to help everyone who needs it. That means there's a big gap between people who can afford private care and those who can't. Factors like race, sexuality, gender identity, and location also play a role in widening the gap! 

Tackling these systemic issues is crucial, but pretty daunting! So it’s time to think smaller; there are so many little things we can all do in our everyday lives to support ourselves and the people around us.

Mental Health in the Workplace 

It all starts with leading by example and being open about our own mental health struggles. Whether you're in a leadership position or not, by sharing your own experiences you can create a safe space for your team to be authentic. 

Make time for casual check-ins - those ‘water cooler’ moments can be pivotal for someone needing to open up, although our own ‘water cooler’ moments involve more iced coffee than cool water. 

Offering flexible work arrangements also shows you understand people may need time and privacy to focus on their wellbeing. This is something we’re really passionate about offering to our own team, time to work on themselves. 

Don’t forget the power of ‘just because’! We’re big fans, huge in fact, of plying our team with sweet treats, because nothing makes them smile more than motivational cookies. Our mini TreatBoxes are perfect to give your team a little extra pep, whether you’re in office, or cheerleading remotely. Afterall what says “you’ve got this!’, more than a cookie that literally says ‘you’ve got this!’. 

Loneliness at home 

Loneliness is another big mental health challenge, and it affects all ages - in fact, young people aged 16-24 were actually the loneliest group even before the pandemic hit. We're all wired to want connection, so when we lack that sense of belonging, it can really take a toll.

If you notice a friend, neighbour, or coworker going through a lonely patch, there are simple ways you can reach out and support them: 

At the end of the day, the most powerful mental health tool we have is each other. By leading with empathy, opening up, and strengthening our communities, we can make a real difference in the lives of those struggling. Because no one should have to face their battles alone.


We’ve made a cute free print that you can download for your personal use only, print it and pop it on the fridge, or set it as your screensaver; your daily reminder to prioritise you! 

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