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Meet The Team

TreatBox has grown from strength to strength and recently so has the TreatBox team, every single one of us love what we are doing and it shows in everything we do! It's really important to us that every single member of Team TreatBox is happy, feels valued and enjoys coming into the HQ.

Vision led - We know our vision and work to it every day. 

Kindness - Kind to our customers and kind to each other. 

Teamwork - Having each other’s back in everything we do. 

Valued - Every opinion matters. 

Care - A company with a heart.



Hey, I'm Zoe founder and CEO of TreatBox - I am proud to be sending thousands of boxes across the UK and with an increasing presence worldwide. We are slowly growing a dedicated and amazing team who are as passionate as I am about spreading kindness, connecting loved ones and being a business with heart and a huge passion for friendly and caring customer service.

My ideal TreatBox would include a mixture of treats, facemask, biscuit, socks, a crystal and some stationery. The perfect selection!



Hi my name is Elsa. I'm the Social Media Manager here at TreatBox!

My favourite thing about working at TreatBox is having my DREAM job and feeling so at home and surrounded by people that love what they do!

I love anything to do with moons & stars so my perfect TreatBox would have to include some items with those! Definitely some socks, (can’t pick which, I love them all) something yummy to eat and one of our desk pads because I love writing lists 🙌



Hello, I’m Amy and I am mum of two children - Oliver and Ava.
I met Zoe in 2013 when our sons went to the same nursery and I feel so lucky to do something I love and enjoy everyday which is wrapping all your TreatBoxes!
I am a huge Disney fan and in between mum life I love anything arts and crafty, reading and I like to be organised and have lists for everything!
My ideal box would have to include a mug as I am obsessed with collecting them - I have a whole cupboard full of TreatBox mugs I have purchased over the years! 🙊💗



Hey my name is Jess and I am the Corporate Gifting and Wholesale Assistant, I organise all the automated gifting we do here at TreatBox and any large gifting orders!

My favourite thing about working at TB is the people I work with and seeing everyone’s lovely gift messages, I also love that every day is different!

A random fact about me is that I have been on national TV more then once.



My favourite thing about working at TreatBox is that everything is so fast paced but also super organised, and pretty to look at. Also not forgetting, bottomless cups of tea in our own personalised mugs!

My ideal TreatBox would include anything floral, especially daises as thats my favourite flower and my daughter’s birth flower. Also some bath salts! Because who doesn’t love a fancy bath!

A random fact about me is my hair is a wig as I have Alopecia!



Hi I'm Jo, Zoe & Jamelia's Mum! I help out around the warehouse, you'll find me here at 6am sometimes pottering around or even doing the gardening.

I also pack 80% of the monthly boxes and spend lots of my time organising the warehouse.



Hi I'm Jamelia, Zoe's little Sister around my college hours, I help with stocking up Ready to Go TreatBoxes and where ever else I am needed!

My favourite things about working at TreatBox are that it's a lovely place to be! With the radio on and breakfast at the ready and how organised everything is 🙌🏻

Some random facts about me are that I want to be a teacher, I love baking, riding my bike and I have my own resin business!



My favourite thing about working at TreatBox is getting to work with such brilliant people - (but mainly being greeted by the CUTEST dogs in the world everyday 😍🤣)

Random Fact: I LOVE Billy Joel!

My perfect TreatBox would definitely be filled with Socks, socks and more socks (we have so many pretty socks 😍)



I’m Aliyah and I help Elsa with creating and posting across our social media accounts. I also help out in the warehouse when it’s very busy!

A Random fact is that I love travelling the world! I’ve always got a holiday booked🤣

My ideal Treatbox would have to include something sweet and yummy like the candy kitten sweets!



My favourite thing about working at TreatBox is being a part of such a lovely team and also being surrounded by all things pink!
A random fact about me is I have raised nearly £15,000 for charity!
My perfect TreatBox would definitely include a face mask, a biscuit (they’re delicious), some wax melts (they smell delicious) and some socks! ☺️



My favourite thing about working at TB would be being part of such a great team & seeing all the reasons people send boxes to each other.

A random fact about me is i am completely obsessed with F1!



My favourite thing about working at TreatBox is actually making up all of the mini boxes, you'll most likely find me on the mini box station!…you could say I’m slightly obsessed🤣 It’s such a nice feeling knowing the boxes will be sent off to those in need of a hug in a biscuit or to make someone smile.🤍

Random fact: I’m also a Sports Massage Therapist✌🏽

My ideal treatbox would include; a cute pair of socks,a hot chocolate spoon and definitely a weekly planner or notepad of some sort..I love a list!!



My favourite thing about working at TreatBox is working with the best people & packing the amazing variety of gifts to make people smile💗

My perfect TreatBox would include a yummy biscuit, wax melts, socks & a mug.

Random fact: I have an unhealthy obsession with mugs & candles! 🙈



My favourite thing about working at TreatBox is getting to work with such a lovely group of people and getting to package up and send a little bit of joy.

My perfect TreatBox would include a pair of socks and something yummy to snack on.

A random fact about me is that I am a qualified Acro teacher 🤸‍♀️



Hi I’m Aleisha! My favourite thing about working at TB is getting to be a part of making someone’s day a little brighter 💗

My ideal box would include face masks, a lip scrub and balm (which smell delicious btw!) and all the snacks! 🤣

A random fact about me is that I was a set decorator for a film👷🏼‍♀️



Hi, I'm Grace and I work at TreatBox during the evenings with Jess. You can find me making & printing products or packing boxes!


Although Rob may not like being on camera, he is a huge part of TreatBox and has been here since day 1.

He does everything from making the products we create, to maintaining our amazing TB HQ! TreatBox wouldn't be how it is today without Rob.


🐾 Woof, there! We're the dynamic duo of the gifting world 🐶🐶

Our job? Well, it's not just about chasing our tails (although we're pretty good at it). We're the official Chief Cuddle Officers, ensuring that every gift we send out is packed with love and warmth.

When we're not busy inspecting the latest products, you'll find us enjoying long walks and sleeping in front of the fire.