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Bold, grounded, and always reliable - that's our steadfast Taurus friends summed up in a nutshell! Born between April 20 and May 20, these bulls have a knack for stability and a love for life's indulgences. From savouring the finer things to building a strong foundation, Taureans are known for their practicality and earthy sensibility.

When it comes to treating them to something special, think luxurious, comforting, and even a touch extravagant. Fear not; we've got just the right ideas to match their grounded yet indulgent nature!

1. Luxurious Comfort:

Picture a box that exudes comfort and indulgence - that's our A Moment For Me Luxe Box, perfectly tailored for our Taurus pals. They can draw up a bath using our cornflower Epsom salts, enjoy a hydrating facemask and an organic tea. They can finish their pamper sesh with a box of delicious chocolate nibbles and slip into some cosy socks; this box will surely envelop them in pure relaxation and serenity. 

2. Let’s get (un)ready:

The best way to prep your bestie for a great night's sleep after all her celebrations. Think sleep masks, headbands, hydrating lip masks and a facial scrub. Why not really treat her and add in some chocolate bombes, Lavender Epsom Salts or a little card to remind her just how special to you she is?

3. Gourmet Delights:

Keep your grounded bull fueled and satisfied with an array of gourmet treats from our Build Your Own TreatBox option. Opt for 5, 7 or 10 treats in a box built for her: A box of popcorn and biscuits? Yep. One filled with coffee, chocolate and tiffin? Right this way. That said, you don’t have to build a purely edible box for her; why not mix it up with a pin badge, notebook, bath melts or a beautiful friendship bracelet? 

4. Sensory Pleasures:

Taurus individuals have a keen appreciation for the finer things in life, including sensory experiences. Indulge her senses with our Time to Celebrate Luxury Box. Think sipping pink fizz whilst relaxing with a nourishing facemask with a milk and honey candle burning in the corner. Altogether now…ahhhh.

5. Serenity Now:

While Taureans may not seek out relaxation as fervently as some other signs, they certainly appreciate moments of tranquillity. Help them unwind and recharge with our Rest and Relax Ready to Go Treatbox, complete with soothing lip balm, a silk eye mask, herbal tea, and of course, a signature pair of Treatbox socks.

We hope these ideas have sparked your Taurus gifting inspiration! Don't forget to explore our curated selection of star sign add-ons for that extra personalised touch. Don’t forget, our boxes also come with a handwritten message; the perfect opportunity to to tell someone how much they mean to you.

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