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“Our commitment to the environment is wrapped in every box we create, making it a gift not just for now but for the generations to come.”

Here at TreatBox, we’ve built a business around taking care of the people we love. Every box is packed with gratitude, appreciation and a whole lot of kindness. But to fully show we care, we must factor in our precious world, too—echoing this in our carefully chosen products and the packaging materials we use.

With that in mind, we wanted to let you know some of the ways we’re being more sustainable and how you can reuse and recycle your TreatBox. Plus, we’ve created a guide that shows you exactly which parts of your TreatBox are made from recycled materials and whether or not you can reuse, recycle or compost them. 

We’re constantly working on how we can improve our reuse and recycle policy. And, by ensuring we’re doing our bit, we’re adding a little more love and thought to every TreatBox —so you can gift responsibly.


We take great pride in offering sustainably sourced, and recyclable packaging. Every single box we provide is crafted from eco-friendly cardboard material, ensuring that it can be easily recycled through your household recycling.

You could also reuse your TreatBox to store makeup, loose papers or odds and ends. And if you’ve got more than one TreatBox, you can stack them up like drawers and keep cards, notebooks, and stationery inside them. 


Did you know that our kraft tape is recyclable, too? We don’t use plastic tape to seal your boxes, so you don’t need to worry about peeling off the tape when you throw it in the recycling.  

If you’ve ever bought or received a TreatBox, you’ll know that we love a quote. All our labels have quotes on them, and we hope you like them just as much as we do - especially when they remind you just how lovely you are! So why not brighten up a plain notebook with a positive affirmation or maybe use them when you’re wrapping a gift for a friend to give them a reason to smile? 


Each Treatbox comes with a handful of fun confetti, and there is nothing better than opening a birthday card to a shower of surprises. Why not re-use the confetti from our boxes to keep the excitement coming and add a little something extra to your greeting cards.


The shredded paper and tissue paper you’ll find inside your box are completely compostable! But also perfect for arts and crafts. So whether you want to make something yourself or have a day of fun with the kids, it’s a waste-free way to get crafty!. 

We get a lot of social comments asking "What is the point of the shred?" Well we want your package to arrive just as awesome as it left our hands. That's why we use shred to protect the products inside the box, making sure nothing breaks during the journey. Plus, it helps keep everything neatly in place while it's on its way to you. So, don't worry, your order will arrive with lots of love and care!

Website Hosting and Shipping

Our website runs on green hosting, this means that it is powered by renewable energy and provides a carbon offset incentive by planting trees!

Navigation Our website is easy to use and navigate meaning users won’t be making unnecessary clicks or requests, this will keep energy usage down.

Royal Mail We are proud to utilise Royal Mail's eco-friendly service, which prioritises sustainable practices and minimises environmental impact in our shipping and delivery processes.


There are plenty of sustainable and unique products to choose from when Building your own TreatBox, and you can create your own Treatbox filled with reusable goodies? We work with many fellow independent UK businesses, and this list is constantly growing! 

Consider these 5 environmentally-friendly products that make an excellent choice for an eco-conscious box.

We’re constantly working on new and improved ways to be more sustainable. So there you have it, a few ways for you to reuse and recycle your TreatBox. Do you have any other uses for your past boxes? We’d love to know.

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