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Exam Time Survival Guide: How to keep your teens relaxed and stress levels down!

Exams can be super stressful, especially for our teens, they’ve got enough going on as it is! But don’t worry, as always, we've got your back (and your snack stash) with some top tips to help them sail through exam season without losing their cool. Just remember, a little treat here and there goes a long way in keeping those stress levels at bay; and those are words to live by! 

  1. Feed Their Brain
    Studying is hungry work, so make sure your teen always has plenty of brain-boosting snacks on hand. We're talking nuts, fruits, dark chocolate (hello, antioxidants!), and maybe even a cheeky treat or three to satisfy the super sweet toothed. A well-fed mind is a happy mind, just try to keep it balanced to avoid any crashes! Our Never Forget How Amazing You Are TreatBox is the perfect little pick me up, the cutest mug, motivational biscuit (as all biscuits are!) and a hot chocolate stirrer; what afternoon slump?

  2. Sleep Tight, Study Bright
    Late nights cramming are a rite of passage, but don't let your teen turn into an exam zombie! It’s hard enough without exam pressure, but encourage them to stick to a healthy sleep schedule; a good night's rest can work wonders for memory retention and focus. In fact, we could definitely do with taking this advice as adults too!
    Plus, who doesn't love a cosy night in with a cuppa and some serious self care? Our Pamper Night Ready To Go TreatBox has everything they need to relax their mind and destress their body after a long day hitting the books.

  3. Time For a Break
    Marathoning through textbooks and practice papers with no break in sight, is a surefire way to burnout. Remind your teen to take regular breaks and do something completely unrelated to studying. Brain breaks are not just good mental health practice, but essential when they’re elbow deep in revision and all the words are starting to blur into one! A quick walk, a dance party in the living room, or even just a few minutes of deep breathing can help them recharge and come back to their studies with a fresh mind, feeling a little more energised. 

  4. Treat Yo'self!
    What better way to celebrate the end of another exam than with a well-deserved treat? Whether it's their favourite snacks, a cosy new blanket, or a TreatBox filled with goodies (our speciality), a little reward can go a long way in boosting morale and reminding them that their hard work is paying off. Our You’re Doing Great Mug, Socks & Coaster Trio TreatBox is guaranteed to make them smile, even after a double! Or for the teenage boy in your life, who isn’t into the cute and colourful, our Exam Care TreatBox is full of brilliant treats to make him feel as special as he truly is!

  5. You Got This!
    Above all, remind your teen that you believe in them and that they've got this in the bag. A little encouragement and a whole lot of love (and snacks) can make all the difference during this stressful time. Our Exam Essentials Good Luck TreatBox even comes with a planner and a gold pen, because if there’s one thing that motivates us, it’s fresh stationery!

So there you have it, parents, caregivers and friends of teens – our TreatBox guide to keeping those exam-time nerves at bay. Just remember, a little sweetness can go a long way in helping your teen power through those study sessions.

And don’t forget, we’re celebrating the end of exams over here, not just the results. Just finishing is something to be SO proud of, and of course, we have a box for that too - our Mini Congrats You Did It TreatBox is ready and waiting to celebrate the end of the stress and the start of the best Summer break of their lives! 

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