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Quick-witted, sociable and always up for a deep and meaningful - that's our lovely Geminis in a nutshell! Born between May 21 and June 21, these dual personalities definitely keep things exciting. From their natural intellectual curiosity to infectious laughter, Geminis bring fun-loving energy wherever they go!

So when it comes to gifting these adaptable air signs something special, you'll want presents that are just as versatile as they are. Don't worry, we've curated the perfect ideas your favourite Gemini will love!

Check out our top TreatBox picks to spoil the Gemini in your life:

1. All Signs Point to Gemini:

If there's one box that is Gemini through and through (quite literally) it's our Star Sign Birthday ready to go TreatBox. With a Gemini star sign print, Gemini coaster, Gemini hand sanitiser and a Gemini candle as an added extra; this one is packed full of treats any Gemini who follows their stars will love!

2. Talk It Out:

These talkative twins love a good chat, so if you can’t be there in person on their birthday, it’s time to send the next best thing through the post; our Mini Birthday Cocktail or Have A Gin-tastic Birthday Trio TreatBox. Step 2 is to also send one to yourself, step 3 is to organise a birthday FaceTime & raise a toast to another year round the sun. Don’t let a little thing like miles come between birthday drinks and a much needed catch up!

3. SnackBox:

With minds that flit from one interest to the next, Geminis need a full array of snacks to keep them energised (don’t we all!). Our Build Your Own option is perfect for building the most aesthetically pleasing snack box they’ve ever seen - fill it with an assortment of sweet and savoury bites for a truly Gemini-approved TreatBox!

4. Manifest It:

These communicative air signs love expressing themselves through, well, most mediums, but they have a soft spot for scribbling! So nothing will get their heart beating quite like a fresh notebook and pen. Our top Gemini pick? Our dreamy Manifest It ready to go TreatBox not only has a notebook and colour matched pen (be still our hearts), but it also has a Manifest That Shit pouch to keep them in. It’s one of our favourites, and if your Gemini is a purple fan, this is an auto add-to-basket.

5. Luxury Lounging:

While Geminis love to exercise their mind, they also need time to unwind, the overwhelm is real! Our Top to Toe Pamper TreatBox has all the cosy essentials they’ll need; super soft socks, face mask, skin care and you can even add in a luxury candle for proper post-adventure self-care. Just what these dynamic duos need to really unplug and recharge.

6. Two-in-One Treats:

For the twin sign, why not double up the fun! Gift sets are a Gemini’s best friend (apart from you of course!). Our For My Bestie TreatBox with a cute mug, earrings, truffles and Bestie iced biscuit, is more than a two-in-one, it’s a six-in-one - with prosecco as an added extra; the perfect pairing. 

7. Bright Accessories:

Lively Geminis are drawn to vibrant pops of colour and whimsical patterns. Appeal their playful sides with accessories like patterned socks, bright totes or multi-colored beaded bracelets. Our top TreatBox pick for bright and beautiful? Our It’s Sunny Honey ready to go TreatBox because, well, just look at it!

We hope these ideas have sparked some ideas for your Gemini gifting! Don't forget, we offer personalised star sign add-ins if you really want to twin up build your own box. And as always, add a (very necessary) "Don't Open 'Til..." sticker to keep that surprise under wraps until the big day!

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