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We’re sure you agree that our social channels look pretty epic, don’t they?! We’ve got one lovely lady to thank for all the beauty that’s shared on the regular and we’re forever grateful we found her.

Today, let’s catch up with Elsa; the creative eye behind all things styled-to-perfection here at Treatbox.

Hey, I’m Elsa,

and I’ve been part of the team since September 2020.

I never really know what to say when people ask what I do; I kind of do a bit of everything! 

As well as managing all of our social media channels, I help with designing new products and boxes and helping Zoe out with anything and everything, including partner relations. 

The way to my heart? A Treatbox with plenty of yummy snacks, a cosy pair of socks, a facemask and one of our  to-do lists… I LOVE writing lists.

So, why Treatbox?

I have always loved everything social media, and when I saw the position advertised, I was so excited, I didn’t think I’d ever find this kind of job locally!!  Since then, my role has grown as the business has, and I’ve learnt and grown lots more whilst being here too.

Before joining the team, my only experience was my own personal use of social media, which is why I feel so lucky to be here. I have always loved Instagram and taking photos, and I’m so glad my passion in that was enough to be considered for the role - That’s something I love most about TreatBox, that we all learn and grow with the business. ❤️

What does that mean for your week?

Every day here can be pretty different! I like to spread things throughout the week, so one day, I could be taking pictures all day for social media or the website, and the next, I could be designing new products or planning a launch. It’s always so different, and I love it. If we’ve been super busy, I help out with packing the boxes; I love going back and doing that every now and then as I get to see all the reasons why people are sending gifts and the top products in our collection right now.

You work in partner relations, too. Tell us about that. 

I love discovering new brands and items for TreatBox and talking with them about how we can fit their products within our business too. It’s so exciting to talk to other fellow small businesses because you really get to see just how much each order means to them.

It must be pretty refreshing to love what you do. 

In the time I’ve been here, I have grown a strong friendship with Zoe, and being able to work alongside one of your best friends is the most fulfilling thing ever, and I never imagined having a job that would bring me that too. Also… my other favourite thing is the yummy treats, can’t forget the cake 😉

We bet you’ve got something exciting up your sleeve for this year, then?

Yes! Towards the end of last year, we set out a huge plan for 2022, including lots of events and things we’d love to do and seeing it all come together is so exciting. I can’t give any spoilers, but there’s lots to come!

You tease! Any inside secrets you can share with us?

We used to have a purple themed Self Care Luxe box that I loved, but one of the items inside unfortunately got discontinued; we’re currently working on bringing it back with even better items, and I’m so excited about it!

So now, when you’re scrolling and our content catches your eye, you know who’s behind it! Thanks Elsa for giving us an insight into your pivotal role in the Treatbox Team. 

If you’re not already, come follow us and see what we get up to! We’re constantly updating our stories throughout the day, our Instagram is @treatboxuk ❤️