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It doesn’t matter how many years it’s been since you were last at school; September will always have that back-to-school feel. A fresh start, a new season, and a chance to get organised and find your groove. But, after a hot, HOT summer, whether you’ve had a holiday, been off with the kids, or you’ve still been hard at work, it can be hard to wave goodbye to those lazy, hazy days of summer and find your motivation. 

Whilst autumn tends to have the feel of knuckling down and prepping for the colder months ahead, which is what makes it a great time to weave in some new routines, if you’re struggling to find that get up and go fear not; we’ve got some great tips to get you going.

1. Set some goals

It feels a long time since you made those January resolutions, and chances are, you didn’t stick with them - does anybody? (we can’t even remember what ours were?!).  In fact, according to research by YouGov, only 31% of people actually do! 

But if you’re like the other 70% of the UK, treat September like a brand new (academic) year and set yourself some fresh goals. It could be to kick-start an exercise routine that’s fallen by the wayside over the summer, to eat more nourishing foods (hello soup and stew season) or to finally do that thing you’ve been putting off; whatever it is, be realistic, keep them manageable and don’t be too hard on yourself. 

2. Clear the clutter 

Forget the spring clean; with the warm weather a season of the past and the colder months ahead, it’s a great time to have an autumn clear out. Pack away clothes you’ll no longer need, tidy away the remnants of the summer, and make time for a declutter. This will give you a chance to have a clearer mind. 

Fewer distractions, such as a clean and clutter-free home, can actually do wonders for your stress levels, and give you more headspace to tackle the things that really matter. Just ask Marie Kondo who says, “when you put your house in order, you put your affairs, and your past in order too,” and “as a result, you can see quite clearly what you want and what you don’t, and what you should and shouldn’t do”. 

So, change-up that bedding, light those autumn-scented candles and get ready for the cosiest season of all. 

3. Put it on the list

Lists are a great way to keep on top of things. From weekly to daily planners, task yourself with the essential things that you need to take care of. Be sure to break your tasks down into bitesize chunks; this will help you to tackle things in manageable pieces and be more satisfied as you cross things off your list. And don’t forget to eat the frog, which essentially means tackling the worst thing on your list at the very start of your day. That way, everything else will feel like a breeze in comparison! Meal planning, shopping lists, to-do lists, by planning in advance, you’ll free up some time, and you’ll find you eat healthier too (with less temptation to either skip a meal or to order that takeaway!) 

4. Make bedtime the best time

With the nights drawing in, September is the perfect time to adjust your bedtime routine, so you can get some extra zzzz. Make bedtime an extra special time with a routine that helps you wind down; a pillow spray, a little reading, a sleep time tea, and a few minutes of meditation will help you find some calm, peace and relaxation, however stressful your day may have been.

5. Put pen to paper

Feeling overwhelmed already? Not sure where to start? Know you’ve got some hidden ideas and goals but can’t quite seem to tap into them? Journal it out. Grab yourself a pretty planner or diary and ask yourself a few questions: 

What am I ready to leave behind in summer? 

What do I want to savour this season? 

What one small thing can I do every day that takes care of me? 

The very act of writing can tap into your subconscious and dig out the real nuggets of exactly what you want!

6. Treat yourself 

Back to routine, starting something new, embarking on a scary challenge, whatever it is, don’t forget to treat yourself. It can be as simple as giving yourself five minutes to savour a cup of tea or a delicious treat, or why not sign up for a monthly TreatBox? A letterbox gift from you to you, to remind yourself that life isn’t always about everyone else! Plus, there’s actually scientific evidence to show that rewarding yourself helps to increase the chances of that thing you’ve started doing becoming a habit! 

Treat Yourself

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