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Water element incoming; we’re about to get emotional over here. If you’re looking for a gift for a special someone born under the Cancer star sign (June 21 - July 22), don’t forget to take their elemental traits into account. Cancerians are nurturers, full of compassion, loving and protective; they’ll all round sensitive souls, and we love them for it!

So what gifts would we recommend for the crab in your life? Thought you’d never ask! Here are our top picks that Cancers will love:

1. Sentimental Jewellery:

Cancers really value sentimental gifts, so you know they'd treasure a piece of jewellery that holds an extra special meaning. We especially love our ‘though we may be far apart…’ envelope necklace, perfect for sending love from afar! Our stone chip bracelets are some of our most loved for this reason, too; they each have a meaning and a healing property behind them, making them the perfect add-in for someone in need of a little centering!

2. Cosy Home:

Cancers have a strong connection to their homes and are experts in creating cosy spaces; they definitely throw the best movie nights! A lovely-smelling candle is always appreciated by a Cancer; our Tranquilitea box has the loveliest range of self-care goodies guaranteed to make them smile! Which brings us to point number 3…

3. Spa Day Everyday:

Cancers are connoisseurs of self-care; we’re fully behind them on this one! Treat them to some luxury additions to their relaxation rituals; we’d personally recommend starting with a spa headband and build your own box around it: bath salts, chocolate and a good eye mask; heavenly. Or, if you’ve run out of time to build your own, our Pamper Me box is only a tap away!

4. Cooking Up A Treat:

Nurturers right down to their toes, Cancers often love whipping up treats for everyone else in the kitchen! Why not gift them a cookbook with comforting recipes or kitchen accessories like cute cookware, unique utensils, or a personalised cutting board?

5. Picture This:

Cancers really cherish memories and love to display them; they’re sentimental souls. So you can guarantee our personalised photo cards, keyrings, polaroids, coasters, and cards will be their favourite part of any build-your-own box; just pick your box, find some sweet snaps and personalise your add-ins. You can even add a photo gift tag in the Extras tab!

6. Personalised Gifts:

Because they love little personal touches so much, why not pop in a few more personalised items like one of our name mugs or some artwork with meaning; our star sign prints are the perfect addition to any build-your-own box!

7. Subscription Boxes:

*ahem*... surprise them with a super sweet subscription box tailored to their interests. Maybe a book subscription, a monthly tea or coffee sampler, or a self-care package filled with blissful treats. Maybe, just maybe, this one is our favourite on the whole list.

And if you’re looking for a one-click wonder? May we direct you to our extra special star sign box Cancer edition, the perfect pick if they love all things astrology. Happy gifting, we just know you’ll find something they’ll love! 

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