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Whether it seems like it right now or not (grey skies, we're looking at you), we are firmly into spring and heading for summer... Whilst the days are still grey, they are getting lighter, and the hope is that the weather has to change sometime soon, making it a great time of year to get outdoors and reap the benefits; we want that vitamin D! 

One of the easiest ways, and the perfect chance to practice mindfulness meditation, is through mindful walking.

What is mindful walking? 

Surely walking is walking, right? We do most of our daily activities in a mindless way. Think about your drive to work, cleaning your house, even the last meal you ate. Chances are you were so in your own thoughts and head that you completed it without much thought (or enjoyment!). Mindful walking is a simple practice that involves focusing your attention on your surroundings as you walk. It's a great way to get out of your head and into nature, which can help you feel more grounded, calm, and connected. It takes us out of autopilot and brings us to awareness. 

There's more to it than just walking. 

Any form of movement is good for you, but walking has plenty of great benefits for the physical body, including helping maintain good mobility, keeping blood pressure level, maintaining good heart health, and, as we alluded to, topping up your vitamin D. Add in the mindfulness element and we start to see the positive impact on our mental health, too; reducing stress, addressing our anxieties and identifying our purposes.

How would I practice mindful walking? 

Here are five different ways you can practice mindfulness while walking this spring:

Walking with intention means being fully present and engaged in your surroundings. As you walk, set an intention for your practice. This could be anything from cultivating gratitude to releasing stress. Then, as you walk, focus your attention on your intention.

Walk this way 

It may take some getting used to; walking with intention or paying attention to the sights and smells around you doesn't necessarily come naturally. It's a habit that takes some practice for sure, but once you've mastered it, you won't look back. 

That being said, remember that practising mindfulness takes time to master and learning to switch how we think and perceive the world around us doesn't just happen overnight, so don't allow those feelings of guilt that inevitably creep in when you don't get it on the first try! 

If you're really struggling, why not stick on a podcast or playlist you haven't listened to before? The Treatbox team have a few recommendations to get you started!

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