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As much as it is easy to remind people with quotes that it's okay not to be okay, we must recognise that we can't remain positive all the time. Here at TreatBox, we believe self-care should be the ONLY resolution for this year.


Comfort is a must. 

Hoody ☑

Joggers ☑

Blanket ☑

Socks ☑

As we are going out less during this time of year, it is time to invest in socks that are not only comfortable but help pep us up a bit.

Fun and funky socks are the perfect lounge wear accessory to relax in during these times where we are stuck at home. And while your head might be lost watching Schitt's Creek (again), you can let your feet do the talking.



Write it down.

Time for a tea break and some top TB advice. 

We have all been told that the best way to get it out of your head is to write it down, but have you taken this into practice? This is the time to start. Whether you're having trouble sleeping or struggling to feel organised while working from home, writing your thoughts and feelings down or creating a to-do list is a great start. 

Journaling is a proven useful stress management tool. A study explained that journaling for even 15 to 20 minutes a day once a month was enough to lower blood pressure and improve liver functionality. 

So grab that notebook and pen and let the thoughts flow.


Say it loud.

They say that if you can speak it into existence and believe it, it will come true. It's a cliché, but there are plenty of inspiring articles out there to encourage you to try. Supporting your dreams with positive actions is the best way to get results!

That doesn't mean you can't dream away and enjoy the process. Here at TreatBox, we have plenty of beautifully inspiring gifts to help you with your new affirmation journey. 

Say no to diet culture and say YES to tasty treats.

What could be better than sending a kind message in the form of delicious biscuits? Loved ones deserve little treats, so why not treat yourself, or a loved one to a Hug biscuit. All you need then is a cup of tea! 

Even better, Gardiner's cookies are made using an egg and dairy-free* recipe, meaning vegetarians and vegans can enjoy them too.



A lot of our older generation sadly already felt lonely with or without the current circumstances. It’s easy to have a phone call from time to time, but why not go the extra mile and give a loving TreatBox to your Grandparents or older loved ones.

This beautiful 'Nan' coaster is just one of the lovely gifts you can include when building your own TreatBox. 



Booking a pamper night in with your friends might feel impossible right now, but that doesn't mean you can't have something similar to look forward to. 


Our advice is to:

Order one of our ready-to-go pamper boxes, Get a date in the diary, Get on Zoom/Hangouts/WhatsApp with the gang, Pop a rom-com on and go through the box together.

What are you waiting for? Your virtual pamper session awaits! 

How are you taking care of yourself in January ? Remember not to pressure yourselves to get those New Year's Resolutions up and running. I think we can all agree that the last two years have been tough,  even at the best of times.

Let's enjoy the little things this year, starting with giving and receiving kindness and love. Here at TreatBox, we wish you all the best that this year has to offer to you all.