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With the sunshine here to stay, we’re all spending as much time as possible outside, soaking up that sunny day serotonin! If you were on a mission to improve your outdoor space this Summer; whether it’s a whole field or a pretty little window box, but these lazy sunny days are sapping your motivation to do anything but pop on your sunglasses and crack open the cocktails, you’re not alone. 

So we’re here to give you a little garden inspiration, with a few simple ways embracing nature can change your mindset, improve your mental health and help you find your happy! 

Sow the seeds of stress reduction

Spending time in a garden and being close to nature has been shown to actively reduce stress levels. Green spaces, fresh air, the sound of bird song; the ultimate hustle antidote. And it’s not just the blissful relaxation that’s making your serotonin soar! Getting your hands covered in soil and giving those green fingers a workout is a really effective form of gentle exercise, that actually doesn’t feel like exercise at all!  

If you’re not sure where to start revamping your outdoor space, we’d recommend heading to Pinterest for endless inspiration and using one of our floral/bee themed notepads for drafting up a shopping list (our favourite part of the process!).

And if you’re not somewhere with its own garden? It’s time to invest in some window boxes. Any sill, balcony, or balconette can be made 100% more beautiful with a few well placed window boxes. You don’t have to plant only flowers either, why not try growing herbs or tomatoes, if your windows are south facing. Imagine just reaching out your kitchen window for some organic toms to pop in your salad, or fresh mint for your mojito. Heaven. 

Not only are window boxes super convenient, they’re really underrated as little privacy screens too. You don’t need an acre to unwind with a spot of gardening, you can cultivate your own little oasis anywhere!    

Reap the rewards of vitamin D

Catching those sunny rays while you’re gardening is a great way to boost your body's vitamin D, which is essential for not only bone health and overall well-being; but studies have shown that Vitamin D can actually reduce cancer cell growth and help control infections. So it’s basically a super-vitamin and we can’t get enough! 

Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, it can feel a little unproductive just sunbathing, actively tending to your plants & flowers gives you a purpose and we love a project. Don’t forget your SPF though, and plenty of water, to stay safe in the heat!  

Vitamin D isn’t the only benefit to getting out amongst the weeds, it’s a great way to boost your immune system too; working with soil and plants exposes you to a really diverse range of microbes (tiny living things found all around us), which can help strengthen your immune system; reducing the risk of allergies, asthma, and autoimmune conditions. When we say ‘nature is good for you’, we’re not kidding!

Harvest your own happy 

There’s something so satisfying about growing your own plants from seed! Watching those first little shoots sprout and looking after them until they flower, your middle name might as well be mother nature. We think that’s why they make such lovely gifts to pop in a Treat Box, and unlike mature plants, they’re really hard to get wrong. Just follow the instructions on the packet and wait for the magic to bloom! 

Our seeds and plantable cards are such popular additions to our build your own Treat Boxes, especially as teacher gifts, to say thanks for helping our little ones grow! And with Summer holidays nearly upon us already (how?!), why not treat their favourite teacher to some seeds that’ll make them smile, and think of your small one every time they see those flowers swaying in the sunshine! 

Send them something blooming lovely 

Whether they’re seasoned gardening pros or just love flowers (don’t we all), our gardening themed treats are the perfect addition to any build your own Treat Box this Summer. We especially love the idea of a ‘New Home’ themed box: just add lovely seeds, a keyring for those brand new keys, a mug for that first cuppa surrounded by boxes, a notebook for all the important shopping lists that must be made, and of course a cocktail to celebrate all that hard work!

We also have ready-to-go garden themed Treat Boxes, picked to perfection by our team! The Beautiful Blooms Gardening Box is our favourite, it’s a very special Planting for Honeybees Edition; filled with treats to create a buzzing haven for honeybees in their garden.

Or our In Full Bloom Box with a sweet flower biscuit, bee socks and everything you need to send them a little sunny pick me up! 

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