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We love fulfilling corporate box orders. Seeing how important their employee well-being is to a business drives home that you aren’t always ‘just a number’, which is an important message to spread.

We recently worked with Go Superscript on a Mindfulness Box for Blue Monday for their 75 employees.

Jess worked closely with their team to ensure their Januarys were far from Blue. Unsure of what they wanted to offer, Go Superscript were happy to be led on the ideas front, something Jess loves to be involved with!

Keeping in mind they were promoting a healthy January; we opted to include sugar-free sweets; after all, what’s a Treatbox without something a little sweet?!

What did we include?

🎁Calming Tea 

🎁Refreshing eye mask 

🎁Sugar-free sweets

🎁Bright, cosy socks

🎁Six mood-boosting tips card 

The mood-boosting tips were a personalised touch from the company that they asked to be included; how lovely is that?!

Here’s what Go Superscript recommend doing to boost your mood:

✨Sit down with a cuppa and list 5 things you’re grateful for. 

✨Take 5 deep breaths, or do a meditation session 

✨Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while

✨Book a Spill session through Slack 

✨Plan something fun for the near future

✨Cook (or order) your favourite meal. 

We think there are some pretty solid ideas there;

what would you add to your mood-boosting must-dos? I think we’d have to say; 

✨Curate a playlist of your favourite songs; ones that really bring your heart joy 

✨Dance, sing, cry, laugh, walk to said playlist 

✨Create, and try to stick to, a bedtime routine to help you get better sleep and feel more energised throughout the week

✨Gift yourself a little something! Why not have a go at building a Treatbox as a present from You to You ❤️

✨Get creative; journaling, paint-by-numbers, hanging some wall art, go to a pottery class - why not!

✨Take yourself on a date. Sometimes just doing something that you enjoy, without the pressures of making conversation, trying to be funny or people-please, is exactly what our soul needs. 

Give these a try if you’re in need of a spot of mindfulness, and let us know how you get on. 

Sounds good, right?

If you think your team could do with a little pick-me-up or a ‘just because’ treat (that isn’t coffee..!), speak to Jess about our corporate gifting options. She loves nothing more than bringing your visions to life to better support the wellbeing of your people on the ground. 

Don’t forget we also support automated gifting too. Never miss a milestone or team birthday again. Jess has the low-down and is ready to help!