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We all know we should try and get those 'recommended' 8 hours of sleep a day. the question is do you manage to get those hours in? It is so important for our overall health and well being, but come on.. we have all tried counting sheep COUNTLESS times, and I think that theory is totally out of the window nowadays. So what can we do? 



Yes it sounds simple,  but unless you stick to it, it will not help your sleep time period. Just think of your body as being a clock, in order for it to work at its best we should create a steady rhythm and stick to it. Shortly after starting it, our bodies will start to know when to expect to fall to sleep and will prepare for that.

Switch off technology

Be honest, are your eyes glued to your phone until you go to bed? Tut, tut. We are all guilty of this, don't get me wrong.. I do the same sometimes. but logging yourself off of your phone an hour or two before bed can help sleep so much better. The bright lights keep your brain active.. so overuse of technology before bed will most certainly make your sleep not as well as reading a book for instance.


Have a bath

Yes, most people love showers in the morning. But it's well known that having a bath shortly before bed can reduce your body temperature which will help you sleep better. Same as if you had a glass of warm milk. The heat helps balance out your body temperature leading to better sleep. Though why not make it more fun?.. read your favourite magazine, put on your favourite music, and maybe add a bath bomb to get you enjoying some 'you' time before bed. What more could relax you just before bed?



It's a given. Sugar makes us more awake. In the evening all we want to do is tuck into our favourite chocolate cake with a cuppa. Just make sure you give it enough time before you go to bed, otherwise your body will be on a sugar overload!! Maybe also think about swapping your evening cuppa for a more calming herbal tea? Chamomile is the perfect drink before going to bed! If you're not used to herbals, it may taste a bit 'BLAH' at first, but trust me you will start to like it


Switch off all those bright big lights in your home, for one, you will save electricity, and two, less lighting will help your body and your eyes prepare for bedtime. Candles are a good way to relax too, so put on your favourite scented candle, put your feet up and relax.


don't stress

Stress is our body's response to pressure. Sometimes, stress can be useful, but in today's modern world a lot of the stress we encounter could be avoided by saying "no" and taking pressure off ourselves (easier said than done).

Stress also manifests itself in many ways. Physically, mentally and emotionally, so recognising when you are under undue stress is the first step to removing the unnecessary pressure from your life. The mental health organisation has some great information about stress, how to recognise it and simple steps on alleviating some of it from that moment or your life.

That said, sleep is most impacted when we have a lot on your mind. Hopefully some of our simple ideas can help prepare you for a restful night sleep so you go into the next day energised.

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