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We love hearing your reviews and seeing your unboxings on social media; every notification gives us the warm and fuzzies! So when we saw an especially lovely review from the especially lovely Emma of Emma Read VA & associates, we thought what better way to shed a little light on our corporate gifting services. Because if there’s one thing we always trust in a world of #Ads and #PaidPartnerships, it’s an unprompted glowing review!

A Fresh Take On Corporate Gifting

We’re not just talking branded pens here (although we are huge stationery fans!); we’re talking gifts as special as your team members! Our corporate gifting service is perfect for everything from onboarding to birthdays, celebrating milestones and sprinkling Christmas magic. Many of our corporate clients set up regular boxes in advance, so there’s one less thing looming on their to-do list; especially those Christmas boxes! But we’ve also been known to turn around orders in less than 3 hours for those surprise occasions where time just isn’t on your side. 

Emma Read VA & Associates x Treatbox 

Emma came to us looking to curate some beautiful TreatBoxes to send to team members and clients alike. She wanted her boxes to vary depending on the occasion, as all good TreatBoxes should! This meant she gave us complete free reign on the contents; we have a set budget to work to and curate the content accordingly to make sure it’s perfectly tailored to its recipient and the occasion. 

The corporate gifting process is completely flexible, and our Corporate Sales genius Jess helps you tailor it completely to you and your business. So whether you’d like to pay for individual boxes or buy in bulk (for a nice little discount), the process is as unique as your needs are.

Showing Appreciation: This Time, It’s Personal

Emma chose to add some really lovely personal touches to her boxes, including a personalised gift tag, as well as her logo printed on a sticker. We add these to each box that we send out for her, so the recipients know straight away who put that smile on their faces! 

We use specialist printers and heat presses to personalise our corporate TreatBoxes, so you know your branding is in the very best hands. One of our most popular branded add-ins are the TreatBox mugs, perfect for popping on their desk as a welcome-to-the-team gift!

And the personalisation doesn’t stop at branding. Personalising their TreatBoxes with the content inside is part of what makes our process so unique. It’s never prescriptive because we believe your boxes should be as special as your team is! So whether that’s adding in their favourite vegan or gluten-free treats, star sign keepsakes, or a motivational biscuit you know will resonate; getting personal is what we do best. Thoughtful is our middle name. 

Their customer service was like a breath of fresh air! Speedy email responses, always helpful, super friendly - it's been an absolute joy working with their Corporate Sales Assistant, ​Jessica Snape​.” - Emma Read

Emma’s Testimonial

“I was searching for a personalised gift subscription service to sprinkle some extra joy into my clients' and associate VAs' experiences. You know, just a little something to remind them of their value and appreciation in our collaboration.

I came across a brand that initially seemed promising. I'd been following their CEO on LinkedIn for some time and her posts resonated with me and seemed aligned with my values. They seemed like the perfect company to partner with. But boy, was I wrong!

I was met with delayed email responses, ignored queries and the final straw - missing a valued client's birthday despite ordering a week in advance. Not even an apology graced my inbox and I knew it was time to part ways!

So, back to the drawing board, and I discovered ​TreatBox! Their customer service was like a breath of fresh air! Speedy email responses, always helpful, super friendly - it's been an absolute joy working with their Corporate Sales Assistant, ​Jessica Snape​.”

Emma Read

If you want to find out more about our Corporate Gifting service, take a look at our Corporate Brochure here for all the nitty gritty info you need to know about the process. 

Ready to get going (us too!) drop us a message and Jess will get back to you as soon as possible, to book a discovery chat! Trust us; you’re about to put smiles on a lot of faces. 

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