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Life is a constant juggle, balancing family life with work and social commitments, as well as prioritising health and wellness. It can be so easy for the weeks to roll into months and for entire seasons to pass you by. 

Well, not anymore! We’re determined to help you find the time to stop and smell the pumpkin-spiced latte and get the most from autumn. From chunky knits and roaring fires to that autumn light and crispy leaves, there is so much to savour at this time of year, and it really does wonders for your mood when you start to lean in and embrace it! 

Here are our top 10 ways to savour the season. 

Nature walks 

That autumn light truly is something special. Instagram-worthy even! The colours of the leaves, watching them dance as they fall from the trees, these really are little pockets of mindfulness. On days such as these, it’s a chance to get out and grab some much-needed vitamin D, take a walk in nature, and stretch your legs. 

Try - standing with your face to the sun and focusing on taking three deep breaths. 

Chunky knit season 

From cardigans and jumpers to cosy blankets and throws, everything feels better when you’re armed with extra layers. As they say, ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather — only bad clothing!’ Perfect for those working from home days, nights in on the sofa and moments spent on the school run. 

And don’t forget the pumpkin-themed socks! 

Indulgent hot choc time 

This time of year is all about the hot drinks. From delicious hot chocolate to spiced pumpkin lattes and hot toddies, there’s a cosy and warming drink, whatever the occasion. So why not switch those iced teas and cocktails to marshmallow-filled mugs and hot apple ciders? 

And it tastes even better in your own personalised mug. 

Stew season 

Get your stew on. Autumn is the season for root vegetables, so pack your stew with parsnips, carrots and turnips, or make batches of soup to see you through and fill them full of butternut squash, potatoes and sweet potatoes. Add spices such as ginger and turmeric to ward off nasty bugs! 

Autumn clean 

Forget the spring clean; autumn is a great season to declutter your home. Pack away all those summer clothes, and make space in your wardrobe for all those cosy jumpers. Clearing out clutter is good for your mental wellbeing, as freeing up physical space can also help free up mental headspace! 

Unwind with a bath

Is there anything better than unwinding after a long day in a hot bubble bath? Choose essential oils and Epsom salts that will soothe you and help you drift into a peaceful slumber. Add soft music, a guided meditation, or even a podcast to help you switch off. 

Treat yourself to a little extra calm 

Embrace something new 

As the nights grow darker and colder it can be all too easy to unwind in from of the sofa most evenings. So why not consider something new? Maybe it’s time to get to that restorative yoga class you’ve been dreaming about, take up some watercolour painting, or join a book club. Find something that lifts you, that embraces your creativity, or gives your soul a boost. Something to focus your mind and energy that doesn’t involve screen time! 

Autumn decor 

Candles and blankets and pumpkins, oh my! Welcome this bright and cosy season into your home by changing up some of your decor. Opt for a signature scent to fill your home, something spiced and warming, like cinnamon and pumpkin or cedarwood. Fill baskets with blankets and cosy layers, so they’re always within reach. And bring the outside in by creating displays with pumpkins, gourds, and autumn foliage. 

Try these wax melts to bring the scent of autumn into your home. 

Host an autumn-themed party 

Pumpkin soups, apple pies, and delicious stews, all the wholesome flavours of autumn. And with all that batch cooking, why not have an autumn-themed dinner party or Halloween party? With the house decluttered, the autumn decor creeping in, and those delicious autumnal flavours and scents, has there ever been a better time to welcome in friends and family? 

Self-care moments 

Make time this season to enjoy some mindful moments for yourself. Switch your phone off (or at least on silent), run that bath, pour that glass of (mulled) wine or hot chocolate, and treat yourself to a box of autumnal joy! If we don’t stop and savour these precious seasons, they’ll be gone all too quickly, and where's the seasonal joy in that?! 

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