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With 2020 requiring more team spirit, all hands on deck, and resilience than ever before, the team at ViewPoint wanted to send a big thank you to their team for all their hard work and support during the pandemic.


Each box needed to contain items that were indulgent, fun, and gave their team a much-needed boost.

We put together 85 boxes with products selected by our client.

Each box contained lots of yummy and thoughtful products including

- Watermelon Scented Hand Sanitiser by Bubble T Cosmetics, - Milk of the Stars flavoured chocolate by Willies Cacao,

- 'Put on your positive pants' coaster by TreatBox,

- personalised viewpoint ceramic by TreatBox,

- thank you gift tag personalised with Viewpoint logo,

- Sea Salted Caramel flavoured fudge by Melting Pot Fudge,

- navy socks with silver star and moon print by TreatBox, '

- You got this' to-do list notepad by TreatBox.



Our client absolutely loved their boxes with the staff feeling the love and recognition with their gifts.





Want to show your clients or employees just how much you care? Whether you want to send a client a new baby gift, show your employees some appreciation, or send a little thank you, a TreatBox goes a long way! 

Simply send Jess an email at to discuss what you are looking for.

Personalised Star Sign French Vanilla Scented Candle

New in! Personalised star sign candle in the scent french vanilla. Pick your required star sign from the drop down box below, this will make a sweet birthday gift, comes safely packed in tissue, ribbon and an outer postal box. 

If you would like a gift message included please leave it in the box provided below. 

Aries¬†(Ram): March 21‚ÄďApril 19

Taurus¬†(Bull): April 20‚ÄďMay 20

Gemini¬†(Twins): May 21‚ÄďJune 21

Cancer¬†(Crab): June 22‚ÄďJuly 22

Leo¬†(Lion): July 23‚ÄďAugust 22

Virgo¬†(Virgin): August 23‚ÄďSeptember 22

Libra¬†(Balance): September 23‚ÄďOctober 23

Scorpio¬†(Scorpion): October 24‚ÄďNovember 21

Sagittarius¬†(Archer): November 22‚ÄďDecember 21

Capricorn¬†(Goat): December 22‚ÄďJanuary 19

Aquarius¬†(Water Bearer): January 20‚ÄďFebruary 18

Pisces¬†(Fish): February 19‚ÄďMarch 20

                  Keepsake - Even though we live far apart, you are important to my little heart

                  'Even though we live so far apart, you are important to my little heart' ceramic Keepsake measure approx 4 inches and hung on black ribbon.

                  This stylish ceramic is great to remind someone you are there for them.

                  This product is also available as part of our Build Your Own TreatBox  

                                "Everything I am you helped me to be" Mother's Day Ceramic Keepsake

                                Brand new and perfect for this Mother's Day, this can now be purchased individually, or as part of a TreatBox in our Build your own Collection.

                                This ceramic reads "Everything I am you helped me to be" with a beautiful flower illustration behind.

                                Finished with ribbon, so can be hung anywhere around the home or office for a daily reminder, making this Mother's Day extra special.

                                The World needs more beautiful people like you... Ceramic

                                Brand new and can now be purchased individually or as part of a TreatBox in our Build your own Collection.

                                This ceramic reads "If only you could see yourself as I see you, you would understand just how truly wonderful you are. The world needs more Beautiful people like you"

                                Finished with black ribbon, so can be hung anywhere around the home or office for a daily reminder.