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And just like that, they’ve flown the nest! It probably feels like you were packing them off to school only yesterday, and now you’re waving goodbye as they head off on their next big adventure! 

This time of year is a big deal for everyone heading to uni—anticipating a new start in a new city and embarking on new ventures. No doubt you’ll make sure they have everything they need, from duvets and kettles to supersized boxes of washing powder and enough pot noodles to last until Christmas! 

And whilst they will probably pretend they don’t need you fussing over them, it’s only natural that you send them off with a few home comforts. So, with that in mind, we’re sharing some winning formulas for a little letterbox love that will give them the boost they need for those homesick moments. 

Hug in a box 

Consider packing them off with a little treat, hidden in the depths of their bag, for them to open after you’ve left them to settle in. You could even leave it with a note that says ‘Open when you need a hug’. For those days when you can’t wrap your arms around them, a hug in a box is the next best thing! 

Motivational goodness 

Whether they’re hitting the ground running with lectures, embarking on a part-time job, or mastering their first meal without burning their halls down, let them know how proud you are of them. We love a mini letterbox gift, perfect for all those small moments in life that are worthy of celebrating. 

Stay cosy!  

Settling into student life during the cold months can certainly feel tough. Arguing with their housemates over heating and hot water can make home feel like a long way away. So a stay cosy box of treats is just the thing to pep them up and send them some warmth. Packed full of delicious treats, cute socks, and even a heated eye mask to soothe the student stress. 

Times of overwhelm 

It can all get a bit much, being far away from home, having to learn to cook, clean, and take care of yourself, whilst at the same time managing a new study load. Don’t underestimate the power of a box of self-care to remind them to take a deep breath and look after themselves properly! From luxury self-care boxes to all the mindful colouring sheets, journals and cards, there are so many little treats to remind them that they’re doing the best they can! 

Freshers flu 

Ahhh, the dreaded freshers' flu. Courtesy of too many late nights, not enough nourishing goodness, and a dose of stress thrown in for good measure. So whilst it might not be the easiest to ship them a batch of your home cooking, why not send them a get-well soon box of goodness instead? From mini treats to luxury delights, help them through their flu! 

Why not build your own?

Pack a student survival kit to settle them into uni life. You can include

- A personalised washbag 

- A notebook for all those lecture notes! 

- Sweet treats 

- A personalised mug - so no one takes it! 

- A little keepsake that they can store in their wallet for those ‘home sick’ days 

- A keyring for that new set of keys! 

- Mindful gifts to bring a bit of calm into their day 

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