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Why wait for a special occasion to send someone a gift? Here at TreatBox, we are BIG believers in the just because gifts. Whether it’s a work colleague going through a tough time, a friend who needs reminding just how amazing they are, or you to let your sister, from another mister, know how much you appreciate them, a little letterbox love goes a long way.

The Science Behind Gift-Giving 

According to research, there are two main factors to consider when gift-giving. The first is to bring joy and happiness to the person receiving the gift. And the second is to boost that bond between you and them. In fact, there are proven health benefits to gift-giving, such as increased energy, serotonin, and even longer lifespan, according to research from the Random Acts of Kindness

It also feeds into the five love languages: time, affirmation, gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. Gift-giving is a way to express and communicate how you feel in its own right. The very act of gift-giving is actually an ancient tradition that goes way back to ancient roman times, around the winter solstice.  

Fancy sending a just because gift, but you’re lacking in inspiration? We’ve got plenty of just because gifts for you to send, well, just because!

1. Just because... I love you 

What better way to let a loved one know JUST how much you love them than with a surprise box of goodies? This indulgent gift of pink treats is a great way to shower them with love, luxury, and a little self-care. 

Or how about for the man in your life? This manly box of delights is just the ticket.

2. Just Because… I Think You’re Amazing 

Cue George Michael’s “I think you’re amazing”! 

Ever look at a friend or loved one and think, ‘you’re AMAZING’? So why not send them a little something to tell them just that? And what better way than with this beautiful box of goodies? Imagine the look of delight as this lands on their doormat! 

3. Just Because … I’m So Thankful For You 

Sometimes a friend, neighbour, or someone special in our life does things or says things that remind us how lucky we are to have them by our side—simple acts of kindness like a listening ear, being supportive or doing something without you even asking. And a box like this is the absolute best way to say ‘I’m so thankful for you’! 

4. Just Because… You’re My Bestie 

Life can be fast-paced, and the time we spend with our best ones is so often fleeting. So why not send them a letterbox surprise? The kind packed full of love and joy and a gentle reminder that even though you don’t get the time you’d like with them, they’re never far from your thoughts.

5. Just Because… I Think You Need A Hug

There are times when only a hug will do, but with friends and family living busy lives far and wide, it can be tricky to wrap them in your arms and hold them tight. So for those times, a hug in a box can be the next best thing.

6. Just Because… You’re Having a Tough Time 

When someone close to you is having a tough time, it can be hard to know what to do to support them. Maybe that person doesn’t want to talk about it, but you can sense they’re struggling, or perhaps you want to find a way to show them that you’re here for them. We find that in times like these, a little hope goes a long way! 

7. Just Because… I Think You’re A Badass 

We all have those people in our lives who completely astound us with their strength, determination, and bravery. Friends on IVF journeys, family battling illness, or loved ones facing their fears and tackling challenges head-on, you know the ones—the absolute badasses who totally deserve to be told. So why not let them know with a mini box full of pride?!

And, if you can’t quite find the right sentiment, create your own! Our range of build-your-own boxes means you can add in the quotes that fit best and the positive affirmations that will serve them well. And, remember, we add a handwritten note from you to your just because gift receiver for that extra special touch! 

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