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After a pretty rocky couple of years, we’ve come to realise just how far a thoughtful gift, kind note, or a token of appreciation can go. Life is fast-paced and full-on, and it can be all-too-easy to miss an important moment, celebrate milestones, and pass-by special occasions in a hurry. This is precisely why our automated gifting service exists. So you can…

Take care of business 

Running a business is more than a full-time job, and the demands and pressures to keep multiple plates spinning can be all-consuming. But, taking care of your employees and making their wellbeing and engagement a top priority is essential to good business health! Whether sending a birthday gift, a thank you for all their hard work, a welcome-to-the-team-treat, or even a little something for prospective customers, a TreatBox is the perfect way to take care of business.

And a TreatBox isn’t just for Christmas (or birthdays), you know? There are so many reasons and ideas why you might want to send a little love to your employees.

Get on board 

Onboarding an employee or getting started with a new client? Why not send them a few treats to help them settle in? From luxury personal planners and notebooks to personalised mugs, edible treats and affirmations, send a welcome on board box direct to their door. 

Team spirit 

Want to recognise everyone’s hard work with a personalised token of appreciation? A carefully curated TreatBox packed with pampering presents and delicious delights will be sure to go down, well, a treat! Plus, they can be created with your very own branded products too! 

In need of some inspiration? Check out these on-brand boxes for our fab client, Viewpoint, celebrating and acknowledging some serious team spirit. 

Or how about these sweet boxes for Costa Coffee employees as a token of thanks!

Care package 

One of our favourite gifts to curate is the ultimate care package. Is your team in need of a bit of a boost, maybe someone’s been on long-term sick leave and you want to send a little love, or perhaps a new mum or dad is in need of some self-care, why not have a care package ready and raring to go? Let us bring together a box of goodies to encourage your team members to indulge, unwind, and take some time out for themselves, like this carefully considered box for the employees at Tessian on World Mental Health Day. 

In fact, we believe in the power of automated and corporate gifting so much that we have our very own dedicated superstar, Jess taking care of business. Working hard to help bring your gifts to life, so you need never worry about missing a thank you gift or a birthday ever again. 

And like Jess says, “There’s a lot to be said for employee wellbeing and engagement, and receiving a beautifully designed, bespoke TreatBox is the perfect way to make them feel valued. (hello, employee advocacy and social media plug for your business!).” 

Want to learn more? Read our behind the scenes blog with Jess and have a chat about how you can let us show some TLC (TreatBox Loving Care)!