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Virgos are the undisputed Queens (& Kings) of high standards, so when it comes to gift-giving the pressure is on! If you’re searching for the perfect present for someone special born under the Virgo star sign (August 23 - September 22), it’s always fun to take a look at their astrological traits. Virgos are perfectionists at heart, always organised and effortlessly stylish. If there’s one person you can trust to remain calm in a crisis and come up with a 5 point plan to resolve it (powerpoint optional), it’s your Virgo bestie, and they deserve the world for it! 

So, let’s treat them shall we! Here are our top TreatBox picks that your Virgo will love:

1. Practical but perfect:

Virgos love anything that helps them stay organised, efficient and at peak Virgo energy. Why not pop in a wash bag, sunglasses case or a very ‘them’ keyring; because it’s those little, but oh so useful, things that will really make their day!

2. Personalise everything:

We’ve combined Virgo’s love of the practical, with their penchant for personalisation; presenting our Personalised Name Mug. The gift holy grail, but with cute polka dots and pink hearts. We’ve got so many lovely custom add-ins for build your own boxes; from photo keyrings to coasters, all ready and waiting for you to add your favourite ever photo of the two of you!

3. Self-care is serious business:

Virgos are huge on well-being, so they’ll love gifts that help them to fully relax and practise self-care. Our Top To Toe Pamper ready to go TreatBox will have them feeling utterly spoiled; with luxury pamper items to indulge their face, feet and everything in between.

4. Overthinkers anonymous:

Virgos are very analytical by nature, which means they’re likely to overthink situations, and be prone to anxiety if they feel overwhelmed. Basically they’re worriers and they aren’t afraid to admit it; hence why they’re so hot on the self-care (see point 3). We think our mini Hugs & Hearts read to go TreatBox is the perfect match for any Virgo on the overthinking train. It’s the ultimate thoughtful box, with a ‘Hug In A Book’ and a cute Rose Quartz Heart to help them on their journey to emotional healing. Let’s leave the overthinking to Pisces shall we.

5. Gadgets galore:

We just had to include our For Him TreatBox in our Virgo list. It has everything a Virgo loves. Cable organiser? Tick. Snacks & tea? Tick. Self-care essentials? Tick. Personalised postcard? Tick. Notebook for even more organising? Tick. It’s a Virgo’s dream.

6. Creative minds:

Virgos love creative projects, anything that engages their minds and lets their playful side come out! Our favourite super simple add-in for a Virgo’s build your own box is a deskpad. We have so many cute designs to pick from, ideal for your organisational Queen (or King) to get those creative thoughts down before they fly away.  

7. Tempting treats:

Virgos are, on the whole, a health-conscious bunch, but if you can’t slip in a treat on their birthday, when can you. Pop one of our organic, vegan AND gluten-free (yep all three!) cookies in as part of a build your own box. Or pick any of our ready to go Treatboxes with our fave Supertea herbal teas. Pick Me Up is perfect for sending a little sunshine, packed full of sunny yellow treats and a copy of The Happy News; it’s sure to put a smile on their face!

We’re sure that handy list has given you some practically perfect ideas to start building a TreatBox fit for a Virgo (let’s be honest, the list is a Virgo gift in itself!). But if you’re looking for a one-click box of dreams that shouts Virgo from the rooftops, tap through to our bestselling star sign birthday boxes, Virgo edition, and don’t forget to add a custom ‘don’t open until…’ sticker too!

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