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With Pisces star signs, you're stepping into a world of imagination, empathy, and creativity. They’re gentle souls at heart, dreamy by nature and in touch with their emotions like you wouldn’t believe. We love gifting a Pisces, it’s actually surprisingly easy! So if you're on the hunt for the perfect present for your Piscean pal, we’ve put together some suggestions that are as wonderful as they are.

Born between February 19 and March 20, Pisces are the romantics of the zodiac, often lost in their own fantasy worlds (jealous tbh).
Here are our top TreatBox picks that your Piscean will fall head over heels for:

1. Mythically Made:

We love the Pisces backstory, the fish represent the fish Aphrodite and her son (Cupid) turned into to escape a monster. Possibly the best water sign backstory ever. So give us all things water; ocean vibes and blue tones feel like home to a Pisces, so our Pamper Me Ready To Go TreatBox is the perfect pick to treat them to a dreamy self care night!

2. Naturally Wonderful:

Pisces have an innate connection to all things nature, pop them into a forest, tell them to pick some wildflowers and they’ll frolic happily for hours. Seriously, try it. So a sweet add in to any Pisces’ birthday box would be our birth flower A4 print, featuring pretty violets for February-born Pisceans and cheerful daffodils for those born in March. And if you want to run with the theme, something we absolutely love to do, then why not add our wildflower socks and our wild flower A6 desk pad. Give them a box packed full of floral joy! 

3. Mindful Moments:

Intuitive by nature, with deep emotional sensitivity, Pisceans find real peace in moments of reflection. So a deck of mindfulness cards would be a really thoughtful gift for any Piscean, they serve as gentle reminders to stay present in the moment, to trust their intuition. Our deck of Ten Mindful Cards is one of our favourite add-ins to build your own TreatBoxes right now!

4. The Little Things:

If there’s a crystal that screams water sign, it’s Aquamarine. It’s often used as a good luck stone, and we can never have too much of that! Aquamarine is thought to bring peace, love, joy and happiness to anyone who holds it, so it’s the perfect add-in to a Pisces’ TreatBox. Did we mention it’s a heart shape? Perfection.

5. Tranquillity Inside:

Be peaceful, be at one with yourself, be a classic Pisces. Our Selfcare Ready To Go TreatBox is the dreamiest way to remind them to unwind, unplug and connect with themselves again. The self care for every day book is such a relaxing read too! 

6. What a melt:

Sticking with the peaceful, tranquil vibes, we love our range of soy wax melts as an add-in for a water sign, the perfect alternative to candles, (no offence Aries!). There are so many dreamy scents to choose from, your Piscean can let all their worries melt away to the sweetest smells. And they’re hand poured by a small, indie business, it doesn’t get better than that! 

7. A World Of Pure Imagination:

If there’s one thing Pisceans do really well, it’s dream! Their imagination is off the charts, so we’d suggest something to catch all those thoughts, before they fly away.

Now, we know everyone loves a new notebook, but your Pisces pal will really, really love a new notebook. Whether they're jotting down poetry, sketching doodles, or making to-do lists (also a favourite of ours!) the perfect notebook is just waiting to be filled with anything and everything that inspires them. 

And if you're still undecided on the perfect present for your Pisces, have a browse of our star sign add-ins. Choose from celestial prints, cute keepsakes, candles and coasters to give them something that really screams Pisces (literally!). Don’t forget, whether you pick a ready to go, or build your own, you can seal your TreatBox with a "don't open until..." sticker to preserve the magic and keep the surprises safe!

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