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Leos are the sun and we’re all just orbiting around them, so you know the gift has to be top tier! If you’re looking for a gift for a lion born under the Leo star sign (July 23 - August 22), don’t forget to take their elemental traits into account. Leo’s are the Queens and Kings of the star charts, confident, passionate and creative powerhouses; if there’s a spotlight, you’ll find them dancing in it; and we wouldn’t have them any other way!

So what are we recommending for the lively lion in your life? Here are our top TreatBox picks that your Leo will love:

1. Affirmation Cards:

Not that they need it, but Leos love to have their confidence boosted (often!). So these celestial affirmation cards are the perfect add-ins to build-you-own TreatBoxes, so they can remind themselves just how amazing they really are, inside and out! 

2. Make a Statement:

One of the UK’s best-kept secrets are our TreatBox socks. They’re seriously the comfiest socks in the world* and with so many cute patterns and prints to pick from, any Leo is going to fall in love. These positive socks are our personal Leo picks, the colour, the message; chefs kiss!

3. Unleash their Creativity:

Leos have a natural affinity for the arts; they’re definitely one of the most creative signs. So why not gift them some cute art supplies or a notebook to get all those creative ideas down on paper? Our white quartz star crystal is a perfect add-in for high-energy Leos, too; distil all that buzzing creativity into clarity and help them calm and focus on that project they’ve been too busy to start!

4. Inspirational Books:

Leos are super driven and love personal growth. Why not pick a motivational or self-help book that inspires them to chase after their dreams? We’re in love with the ‘Happiness for Every Day’ book in our Joyful Moments ready-to-go luxury TreatBox! This uplifting box has the dreamiest face and eye masks too, which brings us to suggestion number 5… 

5. Time to relax:

Leos really do love to be pampered and indulged. So any self-care luxuries are going to be perfect for a build-your-own Leo box! And if you’re short on browsing time, our ready-to-go Pamper Me Perfect box is just the thing to make them feel like the superstar they are. Right down to the golden star necklace!  

6. Star of the Month:

If anyone is going to love a whole birthday advent calendar, it’s a Leo! Because why be limited to one day to celebrate them when you could have a whole week; our 7-day birthday advent calendar will leave them feeling thoroughly spoilt!

7. Adventures Every Day:

Leos love excitement and new experiences; they’ve never met an adventure they didn’t like! So why not go all out and treat them to a once-in-a-lifetime adventure like a hot air balloon ride, a helicopter tour, or a bungee jump? Adrenaline rush = endorphins. Unfortunately, we can’t offer a TreatBox quite that high-octane; the helicopter wouldn't fit...

Hopefully, we’ve given you plenty of bright ideas to start building a TreatBox fit for a Leo! But if you’re looking for a quick-click solution that literally screams Leo, tap on through to our extra special star sign box Leo edition, the perfect pick for celestial royalty!


*not officially certified by any public body, but we’re still confident of this.

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