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We’re the Queens of letterbox gifting, and we have the perfect pick-me-ups for a plethora of occasions. But sometimes, we get that you want to go that bit further to (safely!) spread the love.

We have a beautifully curated selection of Luxe Boxes for those occasions when less isn’t necessarily more, created with self-care, gratitude and love at their heart.

“You got a new place!”

Let’s be honest; we aren’t all natural-born plant mums, are we? But they’re the go-to gift when someone moves home, so we go with it. But how about gifting your bestie with a useful box of treats with her AND her home in mind? Our Luxury Happy New Home boxes come with pamper treats and yummy nibbles alongside a delicious candle and cute coasters. What a great welcome to her new spot.


If you can’t spoil them on their birthday, when can you?! Our Personalised Birthday Box offers the perfect solution to making their day special. Think biscuits, bath bombs and birthday cake popcorn to enjoy with a cuppa in a personalised mug. Staying in is the new going out, right?

“You need to rest.”

We all know that one person, ourselves included, who needs more sleep. Lack of sleep doesn’t just cause those dark circles; it negatively affects our mental and physical well-being. How can we care for others if we can’t care for ourselves? Sleep is the most underrated cure for a lot of things; it’s a real shame most of us don’t prioritise it. That’s why we created our Luxury Sleepy Head Treatbox to encourage those blissful nights of sleep. Light your cotton-flower candle, sip your delicious sleep tea from your moon phase mug, slip on your Luna eye mask and SNOOZE.

“You’re in my thoughts.”

Grief is a tricky thing. We all grieve differently and for different reasons, which is why you might think gifting during this time is difficult. But sometimes, when you can’t find the right words to say, a little “I’m thinking of you” gesture can go a long way. Our Luxe With Sympathy Treatbox offers a biscuit hug, a beautiful angel-wing necklace and decoration alongside pamper goodies and a personalised message for the words you are able to find.


We couldn’t do a post without mentioning the C-word, could we? Especially as it’s the most wonderful time of the yearWe don’t feel Christmas Eve Boxes should just be for kids either, so we’ve made one for adults. It’s jam-packed with tasty treats, cosy socks and a personalised Christmas cheer mug for your favourite tipple while you settle down in front of your 24th festive film of the season.

These are just five of our favourite larger boxes for bigger occasions; we have a wonderful selection of seasonal, Thank You and Self-Care Boxes in our Luxe range because there shouldn’t always have to be an occasion to treat yourself or someone you love.