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Let’s be honest; we could all do with taking a little more time for ourselves, and treating yourself to some much-needed self-care should be a non-negotiable.

So, if you’ve found that you’re putting yourself at the bottom of your never-ending to-do list, it’s time to press pause and make yourself YOUR number one priority.

This time of year is perfect for a cosy night in of autumnal self-care, so we highly recommend popping a date into your diary and creating a haven at home to restore and replenish. 

Switch off

First things first, it’s time to unplug. Let your family (or those you live with) know that you’re taking some time just for yourself; that way, you won’t be disturbed (or at least you will hopefully have minimal disruption!). Then, take a few moments to unplug from your phone and social media to ensure that you power down properly.


Set the scene

Now, it’s time to set the scene.  Maybe you need to hide the washing or ironing so you’re not distracted by chores! Remember that this is precious, sacred, and much-needed time, and it’s all about YOU! So, light your favourite candles, create yourself a playlist of tunes that makes you feel happy, and set the mood for your self-care.

On the menu

Be sure you have something indulgent and delicious to eat. Maybe it’s ordering a takeaway, cooking yourself something tasty and nourishing, or perhaps it’s getting all your favourite treats in, whatever you fancy, put it on the menu. Whatever makes you feel good.


Mindful moments

Perhaps you don’t want your cosy night of self-care to be purely all bath bubbles and PJs; maybe your night in looks a little more active! Why not roll out your yoga mat, try a guided meditation, take a moment to move your body or dance to your favourite playlist. It’s all about those good and healthy vibes.

If you’re a bath-lover however, take the time to light some candles, pour in plenty of bath salts (like these dreamy Epsom salts with lavender) and leave your phone alone! It’s the little touches like that new bar of soap you’ve been saving or that hydrating face mask that you’ve been waiting to use, now’s the time to truly indulge.

Write it out 

 One of the most mindful ways to be with yourself is to grab your journal or notebook and take a few moments to journal out your thoughts. Try these journal prompts as a way of checking in with yourself.

- What am I really enjoying in my life right now? 

- What things make me feel happy, and how can I make time for more of them?

- For me, self-care means?

- What would my perfect day/evening look like?

- List 10 things you love about yourself

Sweet dreams

Perhaps getting ready for bed is part of your night in, or maybe it’s the entire evening; be sure to make your bed super cosy and comfy - think fresh PJs and bedsheets, scented candles, and perhaps a pair of fluffy socks. Then whip yourself up a delicious hot chocolate or mug of tea, complete with marshmallows and a few biscuits or chocolate treats, grab your favourite book and hunker down for some time to unwind.

Then, when you’re ready, pop your eye mask on and let yourself drift off into a cosy slumber. And don’t forget to add that recurring date in your diary. Self-care shouldn’t be reserved for when you’re entirely burnt-out and exhausted; it’s a necessity, not a luxury!

Why not order yourself a little self-care Treatbox to give you all the tools and treats to create your cosy night in?

TreatBoxes are the ultimate self-care gift from you to, well, you. So why not book a date for a cosy night in and treat yourself to some much-needed indulgence?