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It goes without saying, but the past two years, wow. Resilience, patience, perseverance are just a few of the skills we’ve all added to our CV, and it’s definitely been an all hands on deck vibe. We’ve dug deep, we’ve pivoted, and we’ve put some serious graft it.

Yet, according to the latest facts and figures, many are unhappy in their current role, and there’s one standout reason. So what is it? Low salary, overdue pay review, long hours? You might be surprised to know that it’s actually a lack of appreciation and acknowledgement. A whopping 80% of people feel a distinct loss of connection within their current employment due to company culture. Essentially, people aren’t feeling the love. 

An attitude for gratitude 

With that in mind, Friday 4th March is Employee Appreciation Day, and whilst we believe in showing appreciation, giving thanks, and generally letting those around you know how much you care 365 days of the year, we are here for a day of gratitude and celebrating each other! 

Team treat

With so many people still working from home, it can be hard to create that team spirit and collaborative attitude that showcases how much you appreciate your employees. So how do you show them you care? With a perfectly packaged and personalised box of treats, that’s how — either direct to your workplace or through your employees’ door. Perhaps your team have recently landed a big project or client, have had to undergo a lot of change or has persevered through these trying and testing times whilst still showing up with a smile. Whatever your reason, a TreatBox can go a long way. 

Made up 

Maybe you have a plan of exactly what you’d like to include in each box. We love a theme here at Treatbox, so self-care, sweet treats, wellbeing, and relaxing and unwinding are all great ways to pack some kindness into your gift. But, maybe you want some help thinking outside the (treat)box? Which is precisely where we thrive! We even have our very own corporate gifting queen, Jess, who always knows just what to send for every occasion. Jess really believes that “showing appreciation to employees is scarily underrated” and has made it her job to make sure everyone feels cared for.

“there's a lot to be said for employee wellbeing and engagement. And receiving a beautifully designed, bespoke Treatbox is the perfect way to make them feel valued.” Jess - TreatBoxUK

box clever

A well-thought-through treat goes a long way to say so much. And if you don’t want to jump on an appreciation day bandwagon, why not create your own day to celebrate? For example, you could send an automated gift on respective birthdays or the anniversary of their employment, or how about adhoc gifts throughout the year at a time that fits better for you. Whatever it is, weave a little appreciation into your budgets; it’s great for employee advocacy and has shown to help staff retention. As a business that’s made a business out of giving, we know just how good it feels to share the love! 

Speak to Jess today and action that attitude for gratitude!